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The Perks of
Sponsoring A Podcast

Mulit-Platform Exposure

Exposure on podcast, website, social media channels, emails subscription lists etc.


Listeners are able to take podcasts WHEREVER they go which results in nlisteners saying that podcasts have become a part of their daily lives.


Podcasters have the most loyal and engaged audience of a medium out there.

Buying Power

Podcast listeners are typically having a higher education and in the higher income brackets and are more likely to make purchases as a result of an advertisement heard through their favorite podcast.

Want The Perks?

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Thinking about sponsoring our podcast? Or looking for more information about the perks of being a sponsor? Fill out the form below and lets talk about how we can work together.

Types of Sponsors


Include an audio advertisement in our monthly podcast with over 1,000 listeners.

Website Advertising

As part of our sponsorship package, we offer you a feature on our website.


When I have the opportunity to speak at different events, you can come with me.

Social Media Mentions

Including the website and audio mentions, we will also give you a shoutout on our social media platforms.

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